The Strathspey Charitable Trust is a small British trust formed in 1989. Its objectives are to relieve poverty and to relieve hunger in less developed countries of the world.The trust invites applications for grants from potential beneficiaries.

The trust particularly welcomes applications from small British charities whose offices are personally involved in overseas projects, particularly in partnership with community groups in Africa and Asia. Applications from community groups are also welcome for one off funding.

On occasions the Strathspey Charitable Trust may enter into a partnership with beneficial organisations.
An example of a project we have supported:
Protection of water supplies at a well in Uganda
Before After
For details of how to apply for grants click here: applications

Trustees of the Strathspey Charitable Trust look for evidence of the past activity of beneficiary charities. Usually the last Annual Report and Accounts from beneficiary charities is required, but on occasions alternative details of the financial management of beneficiary charities are accepted.

Full details of at least one proposed project should be submitted by applicants for grants, and a budget - showing any plans for partial funding from other sources - should be included. Groups wishing to send these details are invited to contact us by e-mailing: